Another Garage Story

She was picked up and brought to her new apartment in Bonnie Doone.  She and her 8-month old had survived by floating on a piece of wood.  Grateful for their lives, the young woman was distraught with no family, car or assurance that things were going to be ok.  The community donated furniture and together, we were able to meet her furniture needs.  

Approximately 18 months later, while volunteering at Fayetteville Area Operation Inasmuch, Cheri announced she would not be returning to work but starting The Designing Station, Inc.  Without a job, but a desire to serve the Lord, instantly she found out how God would provide. As she made her announcement, a man standing to her left said, "I'm with you."  His name is Bill Jennings and he was the first Board Member and President.  

In search of a place to start the business, she looked for a building (no job, no money).  Williams Memorial Church had a 10,000 square foot building that had been sitting for 7 years.  God still providing!  Pastor Garrett said, "Sounds like the work of the Lord.  Here are the keys.  Go do it".  Time and time again, miracle after miracale, provisions came and they are still coming today.



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